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-Selah: I will carry you

Friday, 20 May 2016

The Chronicles of Bed Rest: Day 1

Ok, so I'm not technically of full bed rest just yet, but I have been signed off work for the next six weeks and adviced to "take it easy with my feet up". My cervix has shortened further, to below the normal range for this gestation, and the idea is to try to get me to the next goal of 30 weeks. If I am still pregnant then, we will reassess and I may be allowed to go back to work part-time- hurrah!

So today has been my first proper day of trying to sit still. To avoid total insanity I have been out to see a friend for an hour, but otherwise my day has revolved around the sofa, the downstairs loo and the kitchen.

Things I have learned:

It isn't fun. Trust me I would rather be at work! My back and hips ache and it is actually really hard to find a position on the sofa that is comfortable for more than an hour.   I need to stretch and move!

Google is NOT my friend. Ok, so I technically learned this during IVF, but today I have discovered it is even more evil than I imagined. After an hour of searching for "cervix 1.5cm at 24 weeks" I was convinced I was going to lose the baby unless I lay on my left side in bed all day every day and only allowed myself loo breaks and showers every other day.  Hmm. I choose to trust my highly knowledgeable and experienced doctor over random internet strangers, thanks. Sofa and moving around it is. For now. Google be damned.

Online grocery shopping is a pain in the bum! I dislike grocery shopping, it's a chore I realy could just do without, but have always done it and avoided online delivery becuase I like to choose my own veg and make sure things have long dates. We've got it down to a fine art, personal best time is 25 mins for the weekly shop! That's becuase we plan ahead, take a list, and know where everything is in the shop. (Set me loose in an unfamiliar supermarket and it's a half a morning saga...!)  I have just completed my first online shop in the shocking time of 1 hour ten mins! ugh! It's a minefield! The way they categorize products is different to how I would, so just finding stuff is tricky for a start. I also discovered that my "list" is actually not all that complete, as I know my usual stuff and grab it as I see it on the way round. Heaven knows if we have a complete shop heading our way, or if I have just blown the budget on a load of random stuff and no actual complete meals. I'm assured it will get quicker and easier as the site learns and remembers my "favourites". It better had!

The Cat has seeminly enjoyed my company today, with lots of co-snoozing on the sofa, cat against bump.  As far as I know she didn't get kicked.  That was interrupted with a mutual jump when my phone went off- Mr T sending a text to check how I was, aww.  Apart from the pounding heart rate and adrenaline shot from being woken up mid-dose, OK thanks honey!

We are going away this weekend, father in law's 70th. Heading home. Where Bertie was born. Doctor says it is OK, but to have the hospital phone number and my notes handy.  Bit nervous about it, but we decided that it is unlikely I will go into labour this weekend, and I can sit on our parents' sofas just as easily as my own. I do need to try and live my life.  We have already had the discussion that should the worst happen, we would want them buried with Bertie anyway....Stop those thoughts right there. I have a whole 1.5cm of cervix and it isn't going anywhere in the next three days.   Check up again in a week.  We are all hoping my cervix will just stay the length it is now.  Apparently my risk of spontaneous preterm labour if it does is just 3.6%.   I find that unlikely given my history, and the fact I've been losing a cm every 1-2 weeks.   I expect it'll be down again and I may be admitted for strict bed rest. So, a visit home for one last hurrah and one last visit to Bertie before his sibling makes their appearance. Hopefully not in the next six weeks!

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