"I will praise the one who's chosen me, to carry you"
-Selah: I will carry you

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Will I ever feel peace?
Will ok ever really mean OK?
Will my mood ever stay stable for more than a day?
Will my inner turmoil ever end?
Will I ever stop feeling tormented at every turn?
Do I need to just pull myself together?
Do I need to be less hard on myself?
Am I really as strong as people think?
....or have I become a good actress?
Will I ever learn not to compare myself to others?
Will I ever feel content?
Should I just rememebr to count my blessings?
Do I focus too much on the negative?
Should I strive to be more optimistic again?
Am I making this worse for myself, by focussing on it all the time?
Why is my faith more challenged now, than it was right after?
Why am I still finding life so hard?
Why do I find it so easy to write, yet so hard to talk?
Will I ever stop existing, and really start living?
Am I just a shell of who I once was?
If I just keep smiling, will it reach my eyes eventually?
Will "one day" ever arrive?
Can I ever really trust that there is a plan?
Can I ever accept there was a reason?
Could you have prevented this?
Are you a few steps ahead, if only I trust you?
Are you carrying me, dragging me, or have you abandoned me?
If you are listening....why don't you answer?

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  1. I got an answer tonight.......it seems He is listening.