"I will praise the one who's chosen me, to carry you"
-Selah: I will carry you

Thursday, 2 June 2016

The Chronicles of Bed Rest: Day 13

I think I'm getting the hang of this now. The lovely midwives moved me to a side room yesterday, so now not only do I have my own private space and bathroom, I have a window that opens and a view of trees and sounds of birdsong. In a pretty shitty situation, this is a real blessing for which I am most grateful. I said I was happy to stay sharing, and they said no, we hope you are going to be with us a long time, so you need your own room. I love their optimism and care! 

The downside is I do feel quote isolated with little to no human interaction, unless I use the bell to call someone, which I was forced to do for the first time this morning to request my breakfast. Second boob-I accidentally pressed the emergency bell as couldn't find anything else-I'd knocked the call bell off the wall in my sleep!  It is very out of character for me to ask for things like that but I know I have to be selfish for the time being. I'm sure I'll get used to it!

Sleep was better last night, even if I now not only need my body pillow for back, knees and bump, but a shoulder one to stop it hurting and then an extra head one so my head is above my shoulder! #pillowfortress

So I decided I need to establish a routine, to prevent me going completely stir crazy, so this morning I've given it a go. So far my day has looked like this: 

4am, awake due to older person on the next ward calling out loudly- clearly in some great degree of distress/pain, combined with continued and repeated bell calling for a nurse. Decide to take advantage of being able to get on the hospital wifi whilst everyone else is asleep- sneaky! 

5.30am. Look up and bookmark some exercises I can do during bed rest. Basic ankle and leg stretching to avoid DVT, and back/shoulder/neck stretching to ease the discomfort in my upper body caused by laying head down/hips up 90% of the day. 

6.30am -call for breakfast. Have to use my knitting scissors to open the cornflakes packet. Seriously, am I that weak already or have Kellogg's just gone overboard with the glue on this batch? Delicious cup of tea makes a glorious change from water/orange squash. 

7am. Shower. Decided to try and limit to every other day, to minimise time on my feet. Felt so good, hard to restrict time to 10mims! Take advantage of teeth cleaning at sink to do some pelvis tilts and calf stretches.  Have to get lovely anti-DVT support stockings back on. Where is that little plastic bag the student midwife used over my foot to do this yesterday?  I thought getting normal socks on at home was getting hard with this belly, this is something else! May need to get midwife help with this in a couple of weeks! 

Remember with delight that Mr T brought me the big tub of E45! Will help so much with the eczema I am getting on my upper arms from laying on them causing pressure points.  Also-useful to get the stockings on! 

Dressed, back to bed. Whole getting up routine took 20mims out of bed. Need to streamline. Don't want to lose my shower privileges too! Realise heart is pounding. Wow, I really have lost stamina fast! Scary! 

7.20am. Daily bible reading. Lots of helpful scripture during my stay so far. Decide to write good verses out for daily reminders. Text Mr T to ask for blue tack so I can put up any cards that come (hint!) ;) 

No further joy with wifi, cheat and use 3G. Must watch my data limit here! New message, someone else wants to come visit me! I am now booked up until mid next week. Feeling very loved and blessed. Very grateful for the care, friendship, and prayer so many people are extending.

8am. Write this blog (offline, hurrumph). Realising bed rest may also become digital detox! 

Plan for rest of day? May have to crack open a puzzler....! 

Emotion wise, feeling alright.  Grub is showing no sign of making an appearance...but then, Bertie didn't either-until he did. Two more days until we reach his gestation, three until we  beat it. Yes, I am encouraging sibling rivalry already!  My room is full of post natal information posters eg feeding, baby bathing lessons, co sleeping etc. Makes me wonder daily if I will need this info this time. Feel sad at the realisation that I won't get to do my antenatal classes, again. Another birth clueless then! Glad I at least have my old pregnancy book, the mechanics can't have changed that much, right?  I've informed work it looks likely I won't be back until after maternity leave. Also feel sad about that. I really wanted the proper send off this time, not to just disappear one day like last time. Oh well, what is important is that Grub is safe and stays in as long as possible. I didn't want a baby shower anyway for obvious reasons so we will just have to have a coming home party instead!   

I read this morning that every day in the womb means two less days in NICU. That's encouraging! This baby is still kicking up a storm in there, probably because I am so sedentary, s/he never gets rocked to sleep! Mr T always manages to calm them, he reckons Grub's a daddy's girl :) 

Sorry for the daily updates, probably quite dry reading! Trying to avoid over-blogging but boredom sets in quickly!

Update: Consultant has just been to see me. "let's get to 30weeks". Amen to that. I may need blood thinning injections as I'm pretty immobile, she'll work out my risk- ok! I asked would they attempt to stop labour if it begins now that I have had the steroids. Yes, as long as we realised soon enough so I must report any twinge. I would also be given magnesium for the baby's brain. If I am still pregnant in two weeks time, I still need the GTT. Rats! Lol. Will be done up here though rather than down in clinic. Double rats, was hoping for a morning out! Pleased to hear I can bring in pictures etc to make it homely. Would love some encouraging scripture art so have set some local creative friends of the case :) we can do this Grub. We can. And we will. 

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