"I will praise the one who's chosen me, to carry you"
-Selah: I will carry you

Friday, 24 June 2016

The Chronicles of Bed Rest: Day 35

It's been a big week! I've left my room. Twice! I have actually been outside and felt the breeze on my face and seen the sky not through dirty windows. It has done wonders for my mental wellbeing.   Mr T brought lunch. Pasta, becuase I mentioned I hadn't had any since coming in. Still hot. Amazing! Then we went outside with me in a bit of a bone shaker of a wheelchair. Mental note: when we go to buy a buggy, make sure it has big rubber wheels and decent suspension! Poor grub hasn't been shaken up so much since we almost missed our flight back in March and had to run from one end of the airport to the other in two minutes flat! Being outside was wonderful, not least because we celebrated hitting 29 weeks! Now we are just five days away from my next goal of 30 weeks.

Consultant keeps moving the goal posts. She is thrilled with me and now wants to aim for 32 weeks. Meany! Let me revel in getting to 30 first eh? Of course at 32 weeks I will be allowed home, so it is the next big target after 30. I've done more than half my time :) it has actually gone by in a flash and I cannot believe we are here at another weekend!

My vicar came to visit yesterday, had a good chat and I just casually slipped in that we had started discussing Grub's christening. (No, I didn't tell the vicar we call the baby Grub-too weird!) but the point is, that really demonstrated the mental shift I have made that not only am I willing to discuss my christening thoughts with my husband, but also the vicar! Anyway he confirmed he'd be delighted to discuss it with us when we are ready. Great stuff.

I have knitted up another hat and cardigan combo, in a slightly bigger size:

Just one more prem size to do then I'll be onto full term sizes! 

Also yesterday was the absolute highlight of my time here. We went down for a growth scan, excited to see Grub again after all these weeks. Growth I am pleased to say is bang on track for gestation, right on the midline. Perfect, average baby! The real treat though was when she offered to switch to 4D scan for us. I didn't even know they had that available on the NHS. They don't usually do it, I got the impression she just wanted to be kind since we have been through so much. See, I told you it would pay off if I made myself popular here! It was so amazing we got a really clear picture of Grub's face. I tear up every time I look at it! Aunty thinks Grub is certainly a girl as she looks like me as a baby apparently! We still don't know, we said we didn't want to know so she let us know to turn away at the critical moment. Was very tempted to sneak a look, but now we have waited this long, I want the suprise!

I have discovered that Grub is a Billy Joel fan. Specifically, "you may be right". I was listening to my iPod with earphones the other day and that track came on. Well some how Grub started bobbing along right in time with the beat! Clearly he/she couldn't hear it, but was pretty cool all the same! Anyway, decided to test the theory today and played it again with the earphones to my belly. Well guess what, Grub wakes right up for another boogy! I am so in love with this baby already. Hours of entertainment right there in my belly ;)

I am beginning to suspect the midwives are running a sweepstake on when a I will go into labour! They keep joking that they will be inducing me at 42 weeks! I'm personally going for 34+5, girl, 4lb 2 oz. There's my official predicition! Worth a pound bet?

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